The Tooth Fairy: a children's fable - or an adult nightmare?

Award winning Yorkshire born author Ray Clark's new crime novel, Implant, has now been released by UK publisher, Urbane.

Ray started writing in 1995 and successfully placed a 3'000 word essay on the author Graham Masterton, published by The British Fantasy Society for one of their in-house magazines. A book length adaptation, Manitou Man followed in 1998.

Ray's previous publications include The Priest's Hole (May 2012) and Seven Secrets (Jan 2015) published by Damnation Books. Calix (Nov 2012), and two short story collections, A Devil's Dozen (Dec 2013), and A Detective's Dozen (June 2015), published by Double Dragon books of Canada, and his first full length crime novel, Impurity, published by Caliburn Press in 2016. The second, Imperfection followed in March 2017 from Urbane Publications. Endeavour Press also released Ray's stand-alone horror novel, Resurrection in June 2017.

Implant sees detectives Stewart Gardener and Sean Reilly trapped in a North Yorkshire town on the edge of Leeds as they pursue a killer dubbed The Tooth Fairy. A man so devious, so intelligent, that he doesn't even have to be present at the scene of the crime, making it their most difficult case to date.


Bramfield, near Leeds, a sleepy little market town nestled on the borders of West and North Yorkshire.

Monday morning, as the clock strikes 9:00, Detectives Stewart Gardener and Sean Reilly discover the naked corpse of Alex Wilson, nailed to the wall of a cellar in his uncle's hardware store. His lips are sewn together and his body bears only one mark, a fresh scar near his abdomen.

Above his head are two plain white envelopes. They do not contain any answers – only further problems, especially when they find out the scar is hiding a very sinister secret.

Within twenty-four hours, they have one body, one suspect – with a motive but no evidence – and a number of other possible suspects.

But they're all missing.

Within forty-eight hours, their investigation results in dead ends, more victims: no suspects and very little in the way of solid evidence.

Gardener and Reilly have a problem and a question on their hands: are the residents of Bramfield prepared for one of history's most sadistic killers, The Tooth Fairy?

Implant is the third crime novel in the IMP series. Each book has only a one-word title, beginning with the letters IMP.

Two of Ray's stories have previously been nominated for awards, including Purple Rain, by The Writer's Digest for best short story of 2007 and Promises To Keep, short-listed and given an honourable commendation by The Tom Howard Foundation in the U.S. in 2009.

"Implant was very challenging because I'd opened myself up to a whole new world of research with medicine and technology, both of which I found fascinating. Luckily for me I have a number of friends who specialise in those subjects who were able to offer expert advice."

Implant is available in all E-Book formats including Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and E-Reader from leading wholesalers including Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well as a print version from Waterstones and W.H. Smith, and independent bookshops; also from the Urbane Publications website, and links from the author’s own website.

Ray will be signing copies of Implant at Waterstones in Hull on Saturday 11th August from 11.00 am onwards.


Ray is available for talks and conferences on his writing experiences and expertise.

For more information, photographs, interview opportunities or review copies, contact Ray on 07709 820886, or email on

Details of all Ray's work and appearances can be found on his website.

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