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Author Note - November 2019

I realize there has not been an update on the site since July, but please don't worry, we are all still here and all still very busy. The next update will contain all the big news: new books, audio visual projects and music updates; so please keep calling back for details.

Update - July 2019

Ray will be talking about the charity concert on BBC Radio Humberside at 1.30PM on Wednesday 31st July. See the charity page for more information.

Read Ray's review of Sir Cliff Richard perfoming in Scarborough here

July 2019

July 1st: Ryder On The Storm is finally here. Ray would like to offer huge thanks to everyone involved: David Johnson, an editor in a million; Edge Waes for an atmospheric trailer below, and Iain Ross for an equally distinctive and chilling cover, all working together under the IMPulse Press banner. Ryder is an exclusive Amazon release and can be obtained as a paperback edition here or Kindle eBook edition here

A Blog Tour for Ryder On The Storm will be under way in August, please call back to the site for details.

Despite only having just been released, Ryder has also been nominated for the Amazon Storyteller Award for 2019.


In other news, there is less than two months for the 2019 OPA/Fiona Wade Appeal concert to raise funds and awareness for Oesophageal Cancer.

Please head over to the charity page to check out details of when and where the concert is, and how to purchase tickets. Six top acts, a fully stocked bar, and a number of excellent raffle prizes: what more could you ask for?

June 2019

The author has recently finished writing a new stand alone cross genre novel entitled Spirit, set in the North Yorkshire town of Whitby. Although not a follow up it does feature characters from Seven Secrets. Please call back to the site for further details.

Due to a technical hitch, Ryder On The Storm is still waiting to be released. Supporting the arrival of the novella will be a new trailer filmed by Edge Waes, and a Blog Tour. Details to follow. Click here for synopsis.

In the coming months, Edge Waes and Misrule are planning a new venture that will see a number of the author’s short stories being filmed in a relatively new format virtually pioneered by the creators of Edge Waes, Will Hill and Harry Baker. Please call back to the site for more details.

As we are now in concert season, Ray will be concentrating on the other passion in his life – music. A number of reviews will feature on the site over the coming weeks as he travels around the UK watching some of his favourites. Click here to read the first – Spencer James.

Continuing with music we are now two months away from the 2019 OPA/Fiona Wade Appeal concert to raise funds and awareness. Please head over to the charity page to check out details of when and where the concert is, and how to purchase tickets. There are plans to film the 2019 concert for transfer to DVD to be sold on the main OPA site.

Here is another concert review from Ray, this time it is Chris Norman live in Scunthorpe. Click here to read it.

A Spotlight Blog Tour has been arranged for Implant and will feature as the Book of the Month for a number of top review sites. The poster advertising details of where can be found on the front page of the site.

More reviews are coming in from the Implant blog tour. Take a look at the reviews on the Implant pages in the link below.

Ray is proud to announce the release of Implant: The Waiting Room - Live, where Ray reads a chapter of Implant with cinematic support thanks to the Edge Waes Crew. The short preview video is below. The full video (14 mins) can be found on the Implant pages, link below the preview video.

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