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February 2018

August 2018 is the release date for Book 3 in the IMP series, Implant, by Urbane publications. Please keep checking the site for details.

2018 also sees the publication of Ryder On The Storm, a stand alone cross genre novella available only as an eBook, published by IMP Press.

December 2017

With Imperfection Chapter 1 Live finished, Ray recently met Will Hill of Edge Ways to talk about further projects in the form of the Implant trailer, and one of Ray's new short stories, Stolen Innocence, to be filmed in 2018. Still under further discussion is the option to make a short film based on the novel, Implant.

Please keep calling back to the site for more details on all upcoming projects and appearances.

A leading Yorkshire magazine (On Magazine) also carries a review of Imperfection in the December issue. Read it here.

Ray would like to wish everyone who follows him a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

November 2017

Filming on the new Imperfection project has finished and is now in the editing suite and should be ready to roll out later this month. There is a new gallery page which contains a number of creepy stills from the sessions. See the Imperfection Live Gallery. Ray would like to thank Will Hill of Edge Ways for dreaming up the idea for such an excellent project, the St John's University of York for their cooperation, and a special mention for Lizzie Richards, manager of the Opera House in York for allowing the team the sole use of the theatre.

Following a successful few days filming, Ray met with Edge Ways crew manager, Will Hill to talk about further projects between them. The filming of the Implant trailer may take place in the first quarter of 2018, to be released shortly before the book. Will has also optined one of Ray's new short stories, Stolen Innocence, also to be filmed in late 2018.

During September, the Hull based theatre company, WHW, presented Big Daddy v Giant Haystacks. The play, written by Brian Mitchell and Joseph Nixon and directed by Neal Coulman had previously shown at the infamous Edinburgh Fringe. Being a huge wrestling fan, Ray attended the play and wrote the following review: to read, click here.

January sees a new short story to the site entitled, You See if I Don't.

October 2017

Following a successful meeting with a new film crew during September, a marketing idea has been agreed to continue promoting the second book in the Gardener/Reilly series, Imperfection. Filming for the new project, entitled, Imperfection: Chapter One – Live! is scheduled to take place in October in York and Leeds, and will be aired in the run up to Christmas. Please call back to the site for further details.

September 2017

Ray has written a review of his annual pilgrimage to the British Wrester's Reunion. You can find his review by clikcing the link below.

2018 British Wrestler's Reunion Review

August 2017

Ray features in the August edition of Down Your Way - Yorkshire's favourite nostalgia magazine - with his novel, Seven Secrets, in connection to the NYMR article published in the July edition. Available at newsagents and supermarkets or from their website:

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Down Your Way Website

Ray will be attending The British Wrestler's Reunion in Kent in August. Please call back to the site for a review and photographs of the day. Click the image below for details and directions to attend.

BWR Logo

The fiction on the site has also been updated this month (finally!) and features an old favourite from A Devil's Dozen, The Teeth Park. Story illustration is provided by the late great (or perhaps I should say, legendary), Sam Galentree.

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