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October 2018: Update for Band Appeal

Band Appeal at Junction in Goole on Saturday 6th October was a great success. To see photos and read a review, Click here.

October 2018

Filming begins this month on Implant: The Waiting Room – Live! After questioning a number of people about their favourite part of the book, this one came out top. Also being filmed at the same time is a unique interview, which will be released around December.

Another interview Ray recently took part in was for the digital magazine Readers Entertainment, hosted by Circle of Seven Productions. For some reason the interview never appeared on line but everyone connected to Edge Waes and Misrule Productions felt it was worth putting on the site. Click here to read.

Here is one final reminder about the charity event is taking place on Saturday October 6th, a fundraising concert featuring six artists brought together for one night at Goole's premiere theatre, Junction, with the proceeds going to OPA_UK. Click Here for details. (Please note the OPA concert was originally planned for an earlier date).

September 2018

September sees the release of the specially extended Directors Cut version of the Implant trailer, produced by Edge Waes. Click to watch!

Later this month we will publish Ray's interview with the Howdenshire magazine.

Further talks between Edge Waes and the author are continuing as a number of short stories, and Implant - The Waiting Room are on the cards as audio visual books. Please check site for details.

August 2018

Radio interviews with BBC Radio Leeds and BBC Radio Humberside are now available to listen to on the Media page or Click here

Reviews are coming thick and fast for Implant, so we have set up a page for them: Click here

Update 17thAugust: Read Ray's guest blog post on What's Better Than Books?: Click here

Update 13thAugust: Ray's interview with will BBC Radio Humberside has been confirmed for Monday 20th August at 1:30PM.

Update 10thAugust: Ray's interview with will Richard Stead of BBC Radio Leeds has been recorded today but will air on Monday 13th August.

Update 9thAugust: Implant is available to buy now!

Implant, released on the 9th by Urbane Books, available from all leading retailers including Amazon. Ray will be talking to Phil White of BBC Radio Humberside & Richard Stead of BBC Radio Leeds but please keep checking the site and social media pages for dates, times and appearances: A booksigning has been arranged for Saturday August 11th from 11.00 a.m. at Waterstones in Hull.

Implant interviews and magazine articles are starting to appear on the Media page. Click the Media link in the menu below.

To compliment the publication of the book, a new trailer has been filmed by Edge Waes. Click to watch!

A reminder that the fundraising concert is taing place on Saturday October 6th, at Junction in Goole, with the proceeds going to the OPA and the Fiona Wade Appeal. Click Here for details.

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