Time and opportunity permitting, Ray will often try and support good causes and charities. In a recent bid to help Emmerdale actress, Fiona Wade, he made a donation to the OPA_UK fund in an effort to help raise awareness of families, carers and those diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. If you'd also like support the Fiona Wade appeal please call 0121 704 9860 to place your order - cost £2 each.

OPA (@OPA_UK) | Twitter

#FionaWadeAppeal hashtag on Twitter

In an effort to raise further awareness for OPA, Ray will be attending the above charity event, in association with the Fiona Wade Appeal. Anyone wishing to attend the event should click on the poster to purchase tickets. Payment can be made as a donation through PayPal and then by sending an email to enquiries@opa.org.uk

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